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Study and Confirmation


  • Written Images and Symbols of Thor’s Cycle
  • Geophysical Records of Earth’s Climate Changes
  • Pan the Submerged Continent of the Pacific Ocean
  • Pan the Missing Triangle of Pangea, the First Land Mass
  • Japan Undersea Ruins - Remnants of the Continent of Pan
  • Common Ancestry of Modern Humans, the I'hins of Pan
  • Modern Man in America 40,000 years ago
  • Ancient Races of Man
  • Comets and their Vortices
  • Configuration of the Vortex
  • Ancient Egypt: Who was Thoth
  • The Exodus of the Hebrews, Moses and the Pharaohs,
    Part I - The Date of the Exodus
  • Part II - The Mythical Conquest of Canaan
  • Part III - Search for the Identities of the Pharoahs of Moses
  • Part IV - The Egyptian Sojourn of the Hebrews
  • Part V - The Egypt of Moses is the 12th Dynasty
  • Part VI - The Art of the Middle Kingdom is also Hyksos
  • Part VII - The Co-existence of Egyptian and Asiatic Religions
  • Part VIII - The Exodus of the Hebrews IS The Expulsion of the Hyksos
  • Part IX - Who were Moses and the Pharaohs
  • Part X - The Exodus Marks the End of the Egyptian Pyramidal Age
  • Part XI - The End of the Osiris Cult
  • Part XII - The Rise of Amun-Re and Mut - Baal and Ashtaroth

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